Wedding venue uplighting

One of the best bang-for-your-buck transformations you can make to any venue is to install uplighting. If you’ve got a colour theme for flowers, table centrepieces and bridesmaid dresses then you can complete the look with our uplighters – which can be matched to any colour of your choice.

Wedding music

We ❤ live music

Live musicians always have, and probably always will be one of the most popular ways to entertain your guests at your wedding reception.

Our DJ speaker systems are perfect for keeping the music going between the band’s sets. All you need is a playlist of music on any device with a headphone socket or Bluetooth.


Whilst many bands will provide their own lighting it’s something that is easily overlooked so make sure to check with your band. Our disco lighting is amazingly effective at lighting any kind of performer, from an individual acoustic musician to a full ensemble of any size.

Wedding venue dressing

Our friends at Rustic Edge have an amazing range of one of a kind wedding props – from individual items like the light up love heart below to complete venue dressing.

See their full catalogue at

Balloons By Design

Balloons By Design offer a bespoke balloon decor service. Birthdays, weddings, celebrations, centre pieces – visit

Furry friend facilities

Doggy Wedding Day Care

Your special day wouldn’t be complete without your canine companion, would it? But since you’ll be rather busy on your wedding day you can rely on Cheryl from Doggy Wedding Day Care to look after your pooch from morning until night, and beyond if required.

Contact Cheryl at