Warm white uplighters

Hire for £10 per uplighter

Hire warm white uplighters for weddings in Manchester and the Northwest

Although our standard LED uplighters are the best type to use for most styles, they aren’t the best choice for white or other “natural” colours, such as warm oranges and other autumnal shades.

If you simply want white uplighting then there is no better option than our warm white uplighters. They just need to be placed around the room and plugged in – and that’s it. The room is done.

Why hire white lights?

You might question why you would need to hire white lights when nearly all rooms will have this already, but the example below shows a church where the only built in lighting was a few very high power bright white flood lights. We used our warm white uplighting to give a much more romantic feel to the church for the wedding and evening reception.

The main lighting in the church – uplighting switched off (photo taken during set-up the night before)
Our warm white uplighting in the church – main lighting switched off (photo taken during set-up the night before)

Our white uplighters don’t have to be white

LED colour mixing doesn’t really work for warm autumnal colours like yellows and oranges, and because these are some of the most popular colours that we are asked for we have experimented to find the best way to produce these colours and that is to use a white light through a colour filter.

Orange colour “gel” filter

Before the proliferation of coloured LED lights, using white lights with colour filters was actually the only way that it was possible to create coloured light. It’s true that LEDs produce the most vivid and eye-catching shades, especially for colours with blue elements. But it seems that creating warm and natural looking shades has become less important to some lighting designers, despite the demand for this – particularly for autumn and winter weddings.

We use our warm white uplighters with our vast range of colour filters to provide the natural shades that look great for weddings or any event with a rustic style.