UV Lights

Hire from £50

UV ultraviolet lighting hire in Greater Manchester and the Northwest.

UV Zumba instructor
Zumba instructor lit by our UV lighting

See our guide on How to have a UV Party

As well as UV parties, we have provided ultraviolet lighting hire for all sorts of events including Zumba classes, UV paint parties, children’s parties and the brilliantly-named Raveminton (UV badminton).

UV lighting prices

See the table below for more information on what type of UV lighting you should use for your event.

How many UV lights do I need?

Event typeRecommendation
House party (single room), kids party or small function room1x stand of 4x 30w LED UV lights (£50)
House party (2 rooms), dancefloor with restricted space2x stands of 4x 30w LED UV lights (£75)
Standard sized function room or dancefloor area, school hall2x 400w UV cannons (£80)
Whole room coverage for rooms that hold 200 people4x 400w UV cannons (£120)
Whole room coverage for rooms that hold 400 people, large sports hall for Raveminton or UV roller disco, etc.8x 400w UV cannons (£240)

All UV lighting packages include:

  • Lighting stand(s)
  • All required power and connection leads

How does ultraviolet lighting work?

Ultraviolet lighting creates the unique blacklight effect because although very little ambient light is produced, special fluorescent materials shine very brightly. The darker you can make the room – the better the effect will be.

Our ultraviolet lights give off a moderate amount of purple light so you can see what’s going on in the room but anything that reacts to the ultraviolet light really punches through and shines brightly. This allows for a safer environment for your guests as it isn’t completely dark, which is great for packed dance floors or children’s parties.

UV lighting technical guide

For more information on the different types of UV lighting that are available please take a look at our technical guide here.

UV lighting technical guide