UV lighting technical guide

The guide below goes into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of lighting fixtures that are available for UV lighting in the entertainment industry. For a quick understanding of the types of lights that we stock see our page on LED UV lighting vs. other UV technologies.

There are a number of different types of UV lighting and it’s important to choose the right one for your event. These are:

  • UV fluorescent tubes
  • UV LED array or UV LED strip/tape
  • High power LED UV lights
  • High power UV cannons (usually using a 400-watt UV mercury lamp)

UV fluorescent tubes

Firstly let’s address the UV fluorescent tubes. These are best suited to permanent installation in fairly small venues (like a bar or small nightclub) and it’s best to have a lot of them placed evenly around the room. For this reason they don’t lend themselves well to hire usage so we don’t stock them.

UV LED array panels

The next type on the list is UV LED array lights (including UV LED strip/tape). These lights have a lot of low power UV LEDs (sometimes in the hundreds). These are similar to the fluorescent tubes mentioned above in terms of installation, meaning that they are best suited to permanent installations because you would want to spread out a number of fixtures throughout the area that you want to light – meaning that they also aren’t great for hire usage.

High Power LED UV lights

The third style of UV lights on the list is High Power LED UV lights. These use a single high power LED chip (usually from 30 watts up to 100 watts) and because they are a relatively high power you don’t need as many fixtures, although they are still best suited to smaller venues, such as house parties or small function rooms. We stock these as our lower budget option but they do have the drawback of LED UV lights.

400-watt UV cannon

The last style of UV lights to discuss is the High Power Mercury UV cannons. These are a much older technology than modern LED UV lights, but because they have such a high power handling (generally 400 watts) they have one of the largest outputs of UV light available today. You will find this type of UV light installed in large venues like large nightclubs or bowling alleys. They are known as “cannons” because the reflectors are designed to “throw” the light over a larger distance than the other types of UV light so they work well in large venues where they don’t have to be so close to the area that needs lighting.

How many UV lights do I need?

Event typeRecommendation
House party (single room), kids party or small function room1x stand of 4x 30w LED UV lights (£50)
House party (2 rooms), dancefloor with restricted space2x stands of 4x 30w LED UV lights (£75)
Standard sized function room or dancefloor area, school hall2x 400w UV cannons (£80)
Whole room coverage for rooms that hold 200 people4x 400w UV cannons (£120)
Whole room coverage for rooms that hold 400 people, large sports hall for Raveminton or UV roller disco, etc.8x 400w UV cannons (£240)

Expert help

Contact us if you have any questions regarding what type of lighting will suit your event and we’ll be happy to help.