Planning your uplighting

Here we will explain how you can use uplighters hired from TakeAway Disco to create beautiful mood lighting.

Uplighting colours

It might not seem obvious at first but you can’t actually use a light to create any colour – for example, if your colour theme is black, you’re not going to be able to do much to enhance it with a light (except for blacklight, but that’s different!)

The way uplighters create a colour theme is by adding coloured light to whatever you place them next to, so the ideal place to use them is against a light coloured, or white surface. In our experience most places where you are likely to want to use uplighters (wedding and party venues) do often have light walls and features.

Subtle colours on the walls don’t generally interfere with the colour that the uplighters are able to produce because the lights are bright enough to deal with it. But if you have bright green walls then shining a pink light against it probably isn’t going to give the desired result.

Placement of uplighters

Whilst a good rule of thumb is to place uplighters evenly throughout the room, there are a few simple guidelines that will make the lighting look like it is supposed to be part of the room and not an afterthought.

If the room has literally no features at all and is just a completely plain space with four walls then you probably should just place the lights as evenly as you can, but that applies to very few, if any spaces.

Your room will likely have lots of features, such as pillars, doorways and windows. If you can focus the uplighters around these features then the lighting will accentuate these in your chosen colour.

Take a look at the photo below. We were asked by the bride and groom to light the Great Hall at Manchester Town Hall in the same colour as the chair covers and the pillars provided us with an excellent canvas to work with.

Purple uplighting at Manchester Town Hall
Purple uplighting to match the wedding theme at Manchester Town Hall

Number of uplighters

We recommend that uplighters are placed approximately 3 to 4 metres (or 12 ft.) apart for the best effect. However, as described above, you should work with the features in the room.

To calculate how many uplighters you will need you can use the following calculation using the length and width of the room in metres:

Length + Width + Length + Width = Perimeter
Perimeter ÷ 3.5 = Total number of uplighters required (use the closest even number)

Note: If your measurements are in feet instead of metres then calculate for one uplighter every 12 feet

You can usually find the length and width by visiting the website of the venue or calling the venue’s events manager. If you need help with this please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Expert help

Whether you want to ask questions about how many uplighters you need and where to set up the lights for best effect, or if you just want us to do the whole thing for you, we’re here to help.

In addition to the information on this website, we can also offer a completely bespoke service where, instead of paying for each uplighter, you can just ask us to take care of the uplighting for the room at a fixed cost, regardless of how many lights are used.

We have a separate website to showcase this bespoke service and you can find out more here: