Terms and Conditions

Minimum order value

We have a minimum order value of £60 for delivery orders. The minimum order value is higher for locations that are further from our base in Bury, Greater Manchester. For the minimum order value for your location see our delivery info page.

There is no minimum order for collection from our office in Bury, but all orders for collection must be organised at least one day in advance.

Security deposit

All orders require a £100 security deposit to be paid at the time the equipment is handed over to you, or if you prefer, in advance of the date of your booking. This is a fixed deposit of £100 per order, regardless of how many items you hire.

This deposit is refunded when the equipment is back in our possession, subject to all of the equipment being present and in the condition it was in at the time of hand-over. If any equipment has been lost or damaged while in your possession we will deduct the cost of repair or replacement from your deposit.

The hire period is for up to 24 hours (unless otherwise stated on your hire contract). Any equipment that is not returned to us within the specified hire period will be subject to an extended hire charge.

Equipment must be clean when it is returned. If equipment is not clean then we reserve the right to take a cleaning charge of up to £50 from the security deposit. If liquid or mud gets inside the electrical items then this is considered as damage if it can not be completely cleaned away without any disassembly.

The person named on our hire contract is required to pay (within 14 days) for any loss or damage to the equipment hired where the cost of repair or replacement is above the security deposit paid at the time of hand-over.

Booking deposit

We require a £20 booking deposit to be paid to confirm your booking. The remaining balance (the cost of hire minus £20) and security deposit can be paid at any time before the date of your booking, or at the time the equipment is handed over to you.

You can alternatively pay any amount between £20 and the full cost of hire including the security deposit at the time of booking.

The booking is not confirmed and the equipment remains available to any other customer until a payment of at least £20 is received by us.

Payment methods

We accept cash-on-delivery (or cash-on-collection if you are collecting your order from our office in Bury) for any remaining amount that is not already paid in advance.

We accept payment in advance of the date of your booking by the following methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Debit/credit card
    • Payments of £20 for the booking deposit can be paid online via our website
    • Payments of any amount other than £20 must be paid over the phone
  • Mobile phone payments can be sent using the Paym or Revolut services only

We do not accept payments by cheque for any part of the payment.

Cancellation and refund policy

If you need to cancel your booking you must let us know by email or phone as soon as possible. If you inform us at least 7 days before the date of your booking then we will refund any deposits and payments in full. Please see the table below for late cancellation charges.

Notice received by usCharge for late cancellation
At least 7 days before your booking dateNo charge, all payments refunded to you
2 to 6 days before your booking date£20
The day before your booking date50% of the total cost
On the day of your booking80% of the total cost

We will send an invoice for any amount you owe us due to late cancellation. If you have already paid more than the cancellation charge we will issue a refund to the amount shown in the table above.

Outdoor events (including marquees and buildings not sealed from weather)

We do not supply any equipment that is weatherproof. Any rain or moisture can instantly cause an extremely dangerous electrical shock and catastrophic failure. You must only set up equipment on a dry surface and not set up equipment on grass. Equipment must not be left outside overnight due to the high risk of condensation, which causes serious damage.

Delivery and collection

For orders that we are delivering and collecting, if the collection address is different to the delivery address then this must be within the same minimum order value area as shown on our Delivery Info page.

We do not collect equipment at night. As most of our equipment is used for night time events you will have to make arrangements with the venue for the equipment to be stored overnight. If this is not possible you will need to take down the equipment and transport it to another address within the same minimum order value area as shown on our Delivery Info page.

Missed or late appointments for hand-over of equipment

If you need to rearrange the meeting time please contact us as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to fit in with the new time, however we can not guarantee availability for last minute changes.

If you are late to the location we have agreed for handover we will wait up to 20 minutes after the agreed time. During this time we will try to contact you using the mobile phone number provided.

No refunds will be provided if the customer is not available at the agreed meeting time, unless another suitable nominated person is available to make any required payments and sign our contract as the person hiring the equipment.

Our offer to set-up equipment

We will offer to set up equipment for you only if suitable parking is provided for us for the duration of set-up. If there is a charge for parking then this charge must be paid by the customer for the duration of the set-up. We can not leave our delivery vehicle in areas marked “Loading only” or “No parking” under any circumstances.

If there is no on-site parking available then we will deliver the equipment but it will have to be set up by the customer.

We require power sockets to be available within 2 metres of the area(s) where you require the equipment to be set up. We do not set up equipment in areas that provide a hazard, such as in front of a door or fire exit. We do not set up equipment where a cable will have to cross a doorway or other walkway.

The venue must be ready for us to set up the equipment. If the area of the venue where you require set-up is unavailable at the agreed time of delivery we will not set up the equipment. We will provide instructions for you on how to do this and leave the equipment with you.

Setting up equipment responsibly

Our service includes the option to have the equipment set up by us when it is delivered. Although we can set it up for you, it is the responsibility of the person hiring the equipment to ensure that equipment is maintained in a safe state after we have left.

TakeAway Disco accept no responsibility for ensuring that the equipment is not moved to any unsafe position when we are not present.

Wireless microphone radio conflict

Although unlikely, it is possible that the radio frequencies that our wireless microphones use will be in use by someone else near your location at the same time that you plan to use the microphone. This may result in their broadcast being sent to our speakers (or vice versa). We do not offer refunds for this situation but we can supply a cable microphone as a backup at no extra cost. Please ask when booking if you would like this.

Hire contract

We require all customers to sign our hire contract upon hand-over of the equipment. A sample contract can be downloaded from our Essential Documents page.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

TakeAway Disco has a PLI policy with a limit of £10,000,000. Our PLI certificate can be downloaded from the Essential Documents page on our website.

The relevant part of our policy is the “dry hire” aspect of our “DJ Member” coverage. It is the responsibility of the person hiring the equipment from us to confirm that this policy is suitable for your event.