Hire for £40 each / £60 per pair

Amplified subwoofer hire in Manchester and the Northwest

Do you need a subwoofer?

We supply speaker systems that produce high quality sound and go loud enough for most parties, but if you want heavy bass then adding a subwoofer really brings the sound system to life.

If you already have your own speakers then you can hire a subwoofer on its own (or a pair for just 50% extra).

Why are subwoofers different to speakers?

Most speakers have a woofer and a tweeter. The woofer handles the bass and mid tones and the tweeter takes care of the treble. Bass frequencies require much more power and as a rule, bigger speakers can handle more power.

The job of a subwoofer is two-fold. Firstly, it takes pressure off the woofer in the speaker by handling some of the bass that would otherwise have to be put through the speaker, allowing the speakers to be used at a higher volume than if you just increased the bass setting on the speaker. Secondly, it is optimised to produce much lower bass frequencies at high volume, which is important for powerful bass that you can feel as well as hear.

Is it OK to use only one subwoofer?

Yes. You might have noticed that surround sound systems are usually named 5.1 or 7.1 (or similar). The “point one” is the subwoofer, with the first number being how many speakers are included. The reason you only need one subwoofer is because deep bass isn’t directional – which means you can’t hear where it’s coming from – you can just hear it. Your brain actually hears the bass as if it’s coming from the speakers that are producing the rest of the sound, even though it isn’t.

Why use more than one subwoofer?

Quite simply, for more bass! If you want the heavy bass sound you hear in a nightclub then adding a pair of subwoofers to our speaker package will provide just that.

Technical specifications

  • 15″ sub bass driver
  • 1000w max / 250w RMS output power per subwoofer
  • Bass frequencies down to 40hz