Strobe light

Hire for £40

Strobe light hire for events in Manchester and the Northwest

1500w strobe light

These are not LED strobes!

LEDs are great. Almost all of our lighting is LED based but as much as LED technology has improved it simply can not compete with traditional Xenon discharge lamps for strobe lights. LED strobes have a weak output and produce light as a fast flash, instead of the intense microsecond crack of pure white light that a true strobe provides.


  • 1500w strobe flash energy
  • Includes a lighting controller to switch the strobe on and off, as well as set the strobe speed and brightness
  • Strobe speed from 1 to 12 flashes per second

Strobe lights need control

The full effect of a strobe light is only achieved when it’s used at the right time. The best time to use a strobe is during the music build-up or right as the beat drops. If it’s constantly flashing away it loses all of the effect – which is why there is no reason to use a strobe light without a way to control it.

We include a controller with our strobe light package so that you can get the best result for your event.

Where should our strobe lights be used?

Our strobes feature a 1500-watt light output which is enough for any nightclub dance floor in all but the world’s biggest superclubs. If you’re planning an event with electronic music then regardless of where your event is, hiring one of our strobe lights will add a level of professionalism that is hard, if not impossible, to achieve with any other lighting or venue decoration for such a low cost.

Strobe safety

When hiring a strobe light you should make sure that all of your guests are aware that strobes will be used at the event. Our strobe lights are very powerful and can trigger photosensitive epilepsy.