Hire from £65

Speakers Only Package

Our speaker systems are ideal for wedding receptions (including speeches), parties in a function room, corporate presentations, and many other occasions. Music can be played from a laptop, iPod, smartphone or any device with a headphone socket. If you are a DJ with your own DJ mixer this can also be connected to our speaker systems if you let us know what cables you require when booking.

Our best value packages include sound and lighting but if you only require sound equipment then this package will suit you.

Speakers Only Package: What's included

Basic package hire cost£65
Delivery and set-upIncluded
Speakers, stands and cablesIncluded
Upgrade from 700-watt to 1200-watt speaker system£10 extra
Bluetooth connectivity£10 extra
Cable microphone£5 extra
Wireless microphone£15 extra
Pioneer DDJ-400 DJ Controller or
Gemini CDN-4000 CD & USB Player
£35 extra

Speakers specifications

  • Includes 2x professional grade amplified DJ speakers
  • Suitable for parties of up to 100 people
  • 12″ bass driver
  • 1.33″ titanium compression driver
  • 350w max / 180w RMS output power per speaker
  • Download the instruction sheet from the Essential Documents page

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How loud are the speakers?
If you’ve ever heard a normal stereo system… well much louder than that! If you’ve stood at the front of the main stage at Creamfields… quieter than that.
But to state the obvious a little bit less, these are professional DJ speakers. If you’ve been to a party where there has been a DJ playing music, then they will probably have used something similar to our speakers. Some DJs will use a sound system with subwoofers to give more of a nightclub experience and ours don’t produce as much bass as that, but if what you want is high quality sound that can go loud then these do the trick.


What can I connect to the speakers to play music from?
You can connect anything with a headphone socket including iPod, iPad, iPhone, laptop, MP3 player, etc. Also, if you are a DJ and have your own DJ mixer you can use it with our speakers, but let us know in advance which cables your mixer needs. You can also use Bluetooth if you add Bluetooth Connectivity for an extra £10.

Do the speakers require an amplifier?
No – our speakers are “active speakers“, meaning that they each contain their own internal amplifier so no extra amplifier is required.
The alternative to this is a “passive” speaker where you would need to hire a separate external amplifier to connect in between the speakers and the audio source.

What’s the difference between a PA system, a sound system, etc, etc?
They’re just different ways to describe the same thing really. PA system stands for “Public Address” system. This is more of a description of a speaker system that is used for speech with a microphone but the term is also often used to describe any speaker system that is loud enough to “address” large groups of people.

A sound system is just that – a system for making sound. You plug something into it (whether that’s a microphone, a set of DJ decks, a laptop, a smartphone) and it provides somewhere for the sound to come out of it – generally in an amplified way.

If any of the terminology on our website isn’t clear then please contact us for clarification. We’re more than happy to help.