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We offer 3 types of smoke machine for hire:

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 Small smoke machineMedium smoke machineLarge smoke machine
Hire price£15£25£40
Smoke output (cu.ft per minute)2,00010,00020,000
Control optionsWired remoteWired or wireless remoteWired or wireless remote
Fluid tank size0.25 litre1 litre2.3 litre

Why use a smoke machine?

Smoke machines are an excellent low cost tool for maximising the effect you get from the lighting that you hire from us. The smoke hangs in the air and catches the beams of light producing a 3D lighting effect.

Smoke machines are also great for creating a spooky effect for Halloween parties.

Smoke machines use a special liquid called “smoke fluid”, not water. We supply all smoke machines with a full tank of fluid which is plenty to last the night.

What type of lights are enhanced by smoke?

The short answer is – all lights are enhanced by a smoke machine. However, some are enhanced more than others. Laser lighting is the main type of lighting that you need to use a smoke machine for. Without smoke lasers just create a “scribble” on the opposite wall, whereas with smoke lasers create an amazing 3D aerial effect. All moving lights are improved by smoke, but lasers are the only type that shouldn’t be considered for use without using them with a smoke machine.

Wash lighting (such as our disco lights package) doesn’t need smoke to look good, but if you do use smoke you’ll see the lights in the air as well as lighting up the dance floor area.

Are smoke machines safe to use?

The smoke that is created by a smoke machine is not smoke that is created in the same way as a fire creates smoke. It’s actually just a water-based solution which is vaporised and held in the air.

It’s more accurate to call it fog than smoke and the fog that is creates is not harmful to breathe. It’s a very similar system to what is found in an electronic cigarette, although the e-cig fluid is more highly refined.

The fog produced by smoke machines can set off fire alarms so you should definitely make sure that you are allowed to use one at your venue before hiring.

Low smoke for wedding dance floors

Find out more about using smoke machines for a low lying fog effect here.