Small Smoke Machine

Hire for £15

Smoke machine hire for house parties and small events in Manchester

Our small smoke machines are ideal for house parties or small events where a large smoke output isn’t important. If you want to fill a small room with smoke, or if you just want to have the smoke machine for novelty effect, such as at a children’s party then this machine is ideal.

If you need to fill a space any larger than a typical living room with smoke then one of our larger smoke machines would be more suitable, such as our Medium Smoke Machine.

The model shown in the image is an Equinox VS-400 smoke machine. Most of our small smoke machines are this model, however the model supplied may be an equivalent 400w model with the same features and specifications.

As with all of our smoke machines, it will be supplied with a full tank of smoke fluid, and if you think you might need extra then just let us know when ordering.


  • 400w heater
  • 2,000 cu.ft per minute smoke output
  • Hand-held remote control

Make sure you’re allowed to use smoke

Although smoke machines don’t actually produce real smoke (it’s a water based fog), it will still activate many smoke alarms so you need to make sure that if you’re allowed to use a smoke machine if you’re hiring a party venue.

If you’re using the smoke machine at home then it’s a good idea to switch off your smoke alarms – and definitely write yourself a note to reactivate them. This is of course very important!

Don’t put water in a smoke machine

We supply an extra litre of smoke fluid with this machine because if you do run out then you need to make sure not to put tap water in it as it will cause damage. Smoke machines use a special fluid, which although water-based, is highly refined and doesn’t contain the impurities found in tap water.