Great lighting is often overlooked but in many cases it can be just as important as the music. We offer a number of different varieties of lighting for hire. These are disco lightsuplighting, flame lights, UV lighting, strobe lights and laser lighting. We also stock smoke machines to enhance any lighting system.

Disco lighting

Disco lighting should add excitement and energy to visually compliment the music. Our disco lighting packages are designed to add colour and movement to the lighting on the dance floor. In most cases our Disco Lighting package will be all you need and the main lights around the dance floor area can be completely switched off.

The disco lighting packages that we have available for hire are best suited to weddings and other family celebrations.


Pound-for-pound uplighting can provide the biggest transformation of your venue when compared to other decorations, such as table centrepieces and flowers at weddings, or banners and balloons at birthday parties.

If you’re working to a budget, consider reducing your spend on other room decorations by just a quarter or so and this would give you a decent budget for uplighting. This would have a huge effect on the overall look and feel of the room.

£100 would be enough for 10 of our uplighters, which when placed around the room would completely lift the atmosphere to a more elegant and inviting environment. To work out exactly how many uplighters would be required for your venue see our uplighting planning guide.

Flame lights

Flame lights are ideal to make a feature out of any entrance or stage area. Ours have a 1.5 metre high flame effect and you can set it to any colour to fit in with the look that you are going for.

There’s no real flame – just a simulated (but quite realistic) flame effect – so they’re completely safe to use at any type of event.

UV lighting

Our UV lighting has a huge variety of uses, whether it’s to enhance an existing lighting system in a bar or nightclub, or to have a purely UV lit party we can help.

Strobe lights

We stock only the best, most powerful and dazzling strobe lights which use Xenon discharge lamps for the authentic rave effect. Strobe lights are one of the types of lighting where LEDs simply don’t do the effect justice so we use the tried and tested ultra high power 1500w strobe lights.

Laser lighting

Lasers are a one-of-a-kind lighting effect that bring your overall lighting effect from discostyle to nightclub/rave style. Make sure you use a smoke machine for full effect and you’ve got yourself an impressive centrepiece for any dance floor.

Smoke machines

As described above, a smoke machine is a must to make the most out of certain lighting equipment, like lasers, but it can also enhance any lighting by allowing you to see the beams of light moving through the air and not just lighting up the people in the room.

Need help?

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about lighting or any of the other DJ equipment that we have available for hire.