Laser lighting

Hire for £35

High power green laser hire in Manchester and the Northwest

Ever since the 1990s lasers have been used in nightclubs to produce stunning 3D effects. When combined with a smoke machine they provide an effect like no other.

You can hire a laser from us for your event. Not necessarily something you’d want for a wedding or 80th birthday party, but something you definitely want need for any club or rave event.

Make sure you hire a smoke machine to go along with the laser because there’s very little effect from a laser when used without smoke, and make sure you check with your party venue that you’re allowed to use smoke.

Laser specifications

  • 100mW maximum laser output
  • 532nm green laser diode
  • 3,000 to 8,000 pps scanning
  • Class 3b laser

Laser safety

Without proper training, you should never install a laser display system in a location where it can directly point into the eyes of the audience. Always aim the laser above the area where people will be located. If you are in any doubt about laser safety then you should consult an expert to advise on installation or use another type of lighting instead. We require all customers hiring laser equipment to fill in and sign our laser safety declaration.

More information can be found here:

How do lasers work?

Lasers do nothing without the smoke (or more accurately, fog) produced by a smoke machine. The fog hangs in the air and catches the laser light, allowing you to see the beams of light passing through the air – (light is actually invisible… who’d have thought it?)

The 3D effects produced by the type of lasers that are used in clubs and at festivals are created by a technique called X-Y scanning. Whilst this might sound complicated it is just a fancy term for directing the laser beam left to right (X) and up and down (Y). The classic “reach for the lasers” blanket effect is simply produced by scanning the laser beam left and right (X-axis) at an incredibly fast speed to trick the eye into seeing something that looks like you could (almost) touch it.

The part of the laser system that produces the beam is called the laser diode. The scanning effect isn’t created by the laser diode moving, which is fixed inside the laser casing. Instead, the beam is directed at 2 mirrors – one for the X axis and another for the Y axis. These small mirrors are attached to highly accurate stepper motors and it’s the mirrors that move. A tiny movement of the mirror next to the laser diode extends to a very large distance for the beam to travel through the air (and light up all of that smoke we talked about).

Faster laser scanning speeds (which means the mirror moving more quickly) gives silky-smooth aerial effects, whereas slower scanning lasers give a more choppy (but still very cool) effect.