Large Smoke Machine

Hire for £40

Large smoke machine hire in Manchester and the Northwest

Our Large Smoke Machines produce a huge 20,000 cu.ft per minute of smoke, which is 10x the output of the smallest machines that we have available..

This smoke machine also has an impressive feature set including wireless control which allows you to place the smoke machine in the optimum position for best effect, without trailing cables for the wired remote.

The large 2.3 litre smoke fluid tank will be filled to the brim when you receive it from us and this is ample to keep your venue filled with smoke all night. As with our other machines, there’s no risk of it being too much smoke because the manual control means you are always in full control of the smoke level.


  • 20,000 cu.ft per minute smoke output
  • 1500w heater
  • Wired or wireless remote options

Why would you choose our largest smoke machine?

Impressive is the best way to describe this smoke machine. You can rely on it to do the business in any place that you want to make an impact. You would have to forgive your guests for thinking that you’ve got a CO2 cannon with it’s huge smoke output, as well as the naturally loud sound that it makes when in use – a sort of “Whoosh!”.

If you’re in two minds about whether to go for the medium or large smoke machine then we can honestly say that you won’t regret choosing this one. That is of course assuming that you’re allowed to use smoke at your venue. If there are smoke alarms then you can guarantee that this machine will activate them almost immediately. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!