How to have a UV Party

To start, get some UV lights

Take a look at our UV lights page for full details of how many you’ll need and prices. All of our prices include delivery (subject to a minimum order).

There are a number of options for UV lighting but some have such a small UV effect that you shouldn’t use them if you’re planning to have a UV party. The ones to avoid are UV LED tape and UV LED panels that have large arrays of very low power LEDs. Even though they can have a couple of hundred LEDs they’re run at such a low power that they barely have any effect, except for very small spaces, or to light an area immediately in front of them.

Instead you should go for high power UV LED lights or very high power 400w UV cannon style lights, but the latter aren’t well suited to small rooms due to the intense light and fairly high heat output.

How many UV lights do I need?

Event typeRecommendation
House party (single room), kids party or small function room1x stand of 4x 30w LED UV lights (£50)
House party (2 rooms), dancefloor with restricted space2x stands of 4x 30w LED UV lights (£75)
Standard sized function room or dancefloor area, school hall2x 400w UV cannons (£80)
Whole room coverage for rooms that hold 200 people4x 400w UV cannons (£120)
Whole room coverage for rooms that hold 400 people, large sports hall for Raveminton or UV roller disco, etc.8x 400w UV cannons (£240)

What to wear

UV Zumba instructor

White clothes glow a bright blue colour in UV light. Bear in mind that only pure white clothes will glow. Off whites might not glow at all. To take it to the next level wear fluorescent clothes. To make the biggest impact just dress as if you’re a set of highlighter pens!

UV Paint

UV paint is great for creating a unique party look and these can be bought from most discount stores for a low price. They’re cheap enough that you can buy one of each colour and share them with your friends.

Glow sticks

Whilst glow sticks don’t strictly have anything to do with UV light, they fit in well with the coloured glow theme that UV lights produce. They’re really cheap to buy. A set of 20 or so can be bought from most pound shops (yes, for £1) or you can buy them in bulk online.

UV Sports

Any indoor sports can be transformed into something unforgettable by making them UV. A popular one is Raveminton, which is badminton with only UV lighting and a DJ playing dance music over some big speakers.

Any sport where an indoor court is used (like basketball, badminton, 5-a-side football, etc) works great. Get some fluorescent tape and cover the painted lines on the floor and you have your own UV sports hall. Add some UV cannons and some players and that’s it!


It’s unlikely that you’ve forgotten to make arrangements for music at your party but our speaker systems are perfect for parties of up to 100 people, using your own music from a phone or laptop.