Terms and conditions

Minimum order value

We have a minimum order value of £30.

Security deposit

All orders require a security deposit to be paid when we hand over the equipment to you. The security deposit must be paid using a debit/credit card (using Chip & PIN only). It is possible to pay the security deposit with cash if this has been agreed with us at the time of ordering. We do not accept cheques.

This deposit is refunded when you return the equipment, subject to all of the equipment being present and in the condition it was in at the time of hand-over. If any equipment has been lost or damaged while in your possession we will deduct the cost of repair or replacement from your deposit.

The hire period is for up to 7 days (unless otherwise stated on your hire contract). Any equipment that is not returned to us within the specified hire period will be subject to an extended hire charge.

Equipment must be clean when it is returned. If equipment is not clean then we reserve the right to take a cleaning charge of up to £50 from the security deposit. If liquid or mud gets inside the electrical items then this is considered as damage if it can not be completely cleaned away without any disassembly.

The person named on our hire contract is required to pay (within 14 days) for any loss or damage to the equipment hired where the cost of repair or replacement is above the security deposit paid at the time of hand-over.


We require the full payment, including hire cost and security deposit, before equipment can be handed over. We accept cash or debit/credit card.

Debit/credit card payment policy

1. A fee of 2.75% will be charged for debit/credit card payments for the hire cost only. There is no payment fee to be added to the security deposit. There is no payment fee when paying for the hire cost with cash.
2. Chip & PIN must be used – not magnetic swipe or manual entry.
3. We must be shown either a valid UK passport or valid UK photocard driving licence (full or provisional). The name on the ID document must match the name on the payment card.
4. Both the payment card and ID document must belong to the person who signs the hire agreement. This will be the person who is responsible for the security of the equipment until it is returned to us.

If any of the above conditions are not met then we can not hand over the equipment. We strongly advise that you have a backup payment method in case your card is not accepted for reasons outside of our control (such as a damaged card or your bank declining the payment).

Hire contract

We require all customers to sign our hire contract upon hand-over of the equipment. A sample contract can be downloaded here:
TakeAwayDisco hire contract

Outdoor events
(including inside marquees and any building that is not sealed from weather)

We do not supply any equipment that is weatherproof. Any rain or moisture can instantly cause an extremely dangerous electrical shock and catastrophic failure. You must only set up equipment on a dry surface and not set up equipment on grass. Equipment must not be left outside overnight due to the high risk of condensation, which causes serious damage.

Missed or late appointments for hand-over of equipment

If you need to rearrange the meeting time please contact us as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to fit in with the new time, however we can not guarantee availability for last minute changes.

If you are late for an appointment to collect equipment we will wait up to 20 minutes after the agreed collection time. During this time we will try to contact you using the mobile phone number provided.

Setting up equipment responsibly

It is the responsibility of the person who is setting up the equipment to ensure that equipment is not installed in a location where it could become a trip hazard or block a fire exit. It may be necessary to tape cables to the floor in any area that is accessible by guests, members of the public or staff/contractors.

TakeAwayDisco can accept no responsibility for any issues that are a result of equipment being installed in an unsafe or potentially dangerous manner.

Public liability insurance

Only individuals can be covered by public liability insurance. Equipment alone can not be covered by a public liability insurance policy. If you are required to have public liability insurance then the person who is setting up the equipment must be named on a public liability insurance policy. We can not provide equipment that is automatically covered for public liability insurance.