Security deposit

We require a security deposit to be paid by debit/credit card when the equipment is handed-over to you. This deposit is refunded when you return the equipment to us.

The deposit is set at £100, regardless of how many items are hired.

Debit/credit card payment policy

1. Chip & PIN must be used – not magnetic swipe or manual entry.
2. We must be shown either a valid UK passport or valid UK photocard driving licence (full or provisional). The name on the ID document must match the name on the payment card.
3. Both the payment card and ID document must belong to the person who signs the hire agreement. This will be the person who is responsible for the security of the equipment until it is returned to us.

If any of the above conditions are not met then we can not hand over the equipment. We strongly advise that you have a backup payment method in case your card is not accepted for reasons outside of our control (such as a damaged card or your bank declining the payment).

Paying with cash

It may possible to pay the security deposit with cash if this is arranged in advance. Please contact us if you would like details about this. Please note that the security deposit will usually be higher than £100 if paying with cash as the amount will depend on the value of the equipment hired.

How will I get the security deposit back?

We refund deposits using the same method of payment as used to pay us. If you pay on debit/credit card we can refund the payment without the card being present. This means that a friend or relative can return the equipment and we can still process the refund.