Gemini CDM-4000 CD/USB Player

Hire for £50 / £35 with a speaker package

CD and USB player hire in Manchester and the Northwest

Most of our customers use a phone, a tablet or a laptop to play music from but if you want to use CDs or if you want to have real fingertip controls to play music from USB drives then this CD & USB player lets you do just that. It’s also great to have a stand-alone device with all of the controls that you need – play controls, master volume, bass/treble, and microphone level.

What can it connect to?

If you plan to use this music player with your own sound system then it has the two most common outputs:- XLR and phono. If you want to hire it with one of our speaker systems then we will provide the cables to connect it together as well as a £15 saving, bringing the whole cost for the speaker system and CD/USB player to £100 including delivery.

Please note that this is not suitable for use as a USB controller for DJ software on a laptop. If this is what you are looking for then our Pioneer DDJ-400 USB controller is what you need. The USB connectivity on this unit can only be used to play music from a USB drive.

Is anyone still using CDs?

Some people are, yes. The advantage of using CDs over a smart device such as a smartphone is the simplicity. As long as your CD is in good condition then there really is very little to go wrong. There are no Wi-Fi or data connections to worry about and if you’re using a phone you don’t need to change settings to avoid emails and calls disturbing your music.

However, the real advantage of using this machine is that it plays directly from USB drives, meaning that you get the simplicity of CDs with the reliability and large capacity of USB drives – it’s the best of both worlds.