Flame Lights

Hire for £60 per pair

Hire a pair of flame lights with FREE delivery in Greater Manchester

Pair of flame lights

Flame lights are one of the most simple, yet effective feature lights that we have available for hire. There is zero set up time – just place them where you want them and plug them in.

The most popular application that our flame lights are used for is to make a feature of an entrance. They’re great for putting either side of a doorway, especially in hotels and other large venues that have multiple event rooms. You can simply tell your guests to head for the room with the flame lights.

Another popular usage is at the entrance of a marquee, to illuminate the way in when it’s dark outside.

Video of our flame lights


  • 1.5 metre high flame effect
  • No set-up required – just plug in and switch on
  • Can be used outside but only if completely dry

Where to use flame lights

Flame lights fit in at any event where you want to make an impression. Ours have been used for all types of events from product launches at trade shows to club nights. We’ve even had a customer who hired our flame lights to use as a table decoration for a fire-themed table at their wedding breakfast!

  • Weddings – entrance to reception venue or marquee
  • Opening parties for club nights
  • Stage shows
  • Corporate events and parties
  • Live band stages
  • Shop window displays

How is the flame effect produced?

Each flame light has a powerful fan inside it and this blows a constant stream of air upwards, pushing a thin sheet of white fabric with it. Next to where the air flows from there are coloured lights which are also pointing upwards. The fabric ripples in the air created by the blower fans and catches the light, providing a fairly realistic fire effect.

It’s not so realistic that the venue owners are going to break out the fire extinguisher but it’s a very eye-catching and mesmerising effect.


Whilst our flame lights are very versatile lighting effects, there are a few things to consider before hiring. The flame is produced by blowing a sheet of thin silk-like material upwards and shining light against the ripples. The fan that is used to do this makes noise so they aren’t suitable for very quiet environments.

The flame “silk” is very delicate and becomes dirty easily. It’s recommended that flame lights are only used in areas away from children and other guests who might be tempted to touch the simulated “flame”.

The flame machines are not waterproof so can’t be used in the rain but they can be used outside if it’s completely dry. It is worth noting that they won’t have much of an effect during daylight, but at night they look great. If there’s strong wind this will affect how realistic the flame effect looks so if it’s windy or rainy then make sure you have a place inside where you can use them to good effect.