Disco lights

Hire price

Hire for up to 7 days £30.00

Our disco lighting package can fill a room with colour that changes in time with the music. It is ideal for parties in function rooms including wedding receptions. It is incredibly easy to set up and will add a great atmosphere to any dance floor.

How much disco lighting do I need?

One set of our Disco Lights is suitable for lighting a standard 5 x 5 metre dance floor, however for larger rooms we recommend hiring two sets instead of one. This allows the lights to be placed at either side of a dance floor and cover a much larger area. Instead of all of the light coming from a single source it fills the whole dance floor with light.

For smaller rooms (or smaller budgets) a single set of lights should be all you need but if you want to make it look extra special then adding a second set is definitely the way to go.

The disco lighting package includes:

  • Four high quality LED disco lights that change in time with the music (click here to see specifications)
  • Lighting stand
  • All required power and connection leads

Disco lights

  • Can be set up in under a minute requiring only one mains plug socket
  • Fits in the boot of almost any car
  • Zero technical knowledge required – just plug in and play

Why do we use LED lights?

LEDs have been around for many years but they haven’t been used in disco lighting until recently. This is because it is only within the last 10 years or so that they have been powerful enough to compete with traditional halogen light sources in terms of brightness and cost.

LEDs provide huge advantages for disco lights. They use much less power so you don’t have to worry about overloading power sockets. They produce hardly any heat, which means the units can be smaller and lighter because there are no heavy metal heat sinks or large fans.

The other main advantage is that the LEDs themselves are coloured, instead of putting a colour filter over a white light. This allows very effective colour mixing to give much more vivid colours from the red, green and blue LEDs. It also means the individual lights can change colour, instead of being fixed to a single colour for each light.

Technical specifications

Lighting type: (Four) LED PAR56 lights
LEDs: 108 high power 10mm LEDs
Colours: Full red, green and blue colour mixing
Total weight: 10kg (including stand and lights)

Security deposit

We require a £100 security deposit to be paid by debit/credit card when the equipment is handed over to you. Click here for full details.