Unless you’ve been living under a rock since 2002, you’ll have heard of Bluetooth. The basic idea is that it allows wireless transfer of audio/data/anything over short distances (around 10 metres or less). We now stock professional grade DJ speakers that have the ability to connect to any device that can transmit Bluetooth audio, which is literally (probably) every smartphone ever produced.

The benefits of using a Bluetooth connection

  • Many devices no longer include a headphone socket which means the only way to use them to play music is by using a Bluetooth enabled speaker system
  • Bluetooth allows more freedom of movement – but don’t go too far away from the receiver! (See the Range section below)
  • Bluetooth audio quality is generally as good as most streaming audio services so it does not provide any drop in audio quality over using a cable connection


Bluetooth has a range of up to 10 metres, however this is only under ideal conditions. It is best to assume that half of this (5 metres) should be your maximum and even better, to have your device playing music as close as possible to the Bluetooth receiver.

Connection problems will occur if your device playing music moves too far from the receiver or if there is too much blocking the signal between the two. Examples of these are having a the device in your pocket whilst going to the bar, or if you’re sat at a nearby table with everything working well, when a large number of people stand between the device and the receiver the signal can drop out.

General connection problems

If you’ve ever connected your phone, tablet or laptop to a Bluetooth speaker system, you’ll know that whilst it usually work without any problem, this isn’t always the case.

Any problems that arise aren’t necessarily due to bad Bluetooth receivers, but mainly due to the huge number of combinations of Bluetooth audio devices that have to communicate with each other.

We provide full instructions of how to use our Bluetooth speaker systems and after a lot of testing we’ve found them to be completely reliable. Instructions can be found in on the Essential Documents page.

ALWAYS provide a backup device!

Whist it’s rare that our customers have a problem connecting their devices to our Bluetooth speaker systems, it can happen. For this reason we require that all customers using our Bluetooth speaker system also provide a backup device with a 3.5mm headphone socket to use in case of a problem.

A suitable backup would be an adaptor to convert their Lightning/USB-C connector to a 3.5mm headphone socket, or a completely separate device with your playlist loaded on to it.